Everything in the universe has a rhythm.
— Maya Angelou

Going back to July of 2016, our story begins with the end of another. As all 7 of our members had previously been part of a group called SNAP! Performance Productions, some of us had been together for years working to bring a unique twist on performance art to the Columbus community, be a philanthropic entity and partner to other local organizations, and to find community among our artistically-minded peers. SNAP! was truly a haven for those who work full-time and still love to sing, dance, and create, and a garden to cultivate those loves in our free time.

As all good things must come to an end, SNAP! also came to a close of 14 years of music, fun, and joy. In the process, it also inadvertently brought together 6-1-forte’s founding members. During SNAP’s swan season, several of us began to consider the next step, as many felt that it would be a waste to not continue to pursue our love of art, music and singing together. Out of those conversations came a handful of us who had significant interest.


As the rhythm of SNAP! slowed to a stop, that of 6-1-forte was quickly picking up momentum.

We defined some basic truths of our newly-formed group – who are we (an a cappella group who performs and creates music in our free time), what are we about (music, performance, and community), and where do we do our thing (the incredible, peerless city of Columbus). We knew we wanted to fill a niche in the arts community, and with the likes of Pitch Perfect, the SingOff!, and undergraduate a cappella slowly coming to the fore in recent years, we knew this was a neat way to come alongside the “music with our mouths” movement and join the party with a fresh point of view.

We arrange all of our own covers and offer an energetic and fun performance of everything from Top 40 to jazz.

Want a sampling? Take a listen