Sip n Sing

So … theoretical question here. (Asking for a friend.)

I am genuinely curious for an answer here. What … exactly … happens when a person finally does the thing they’ve been meaning to?

You know, when something you’ve dreamed about and worked for … finally comes to fruition?

What does it feel like to know that something your heart desires is … no longer a thought in the back of your mind or hope labeled “Some day” … but an actual reality?

That, friends, is the question I am trying to answer these days. As 6-1-forte’s resident blogger, I (Drew) am delighted to announce we are putting on our first ever “Sip and Sing”, a friends and family show that will give us a couple hours to show our dearest supporters and partners what we have been up to for a long time.

At first it seemed like a simple announcement, but then I realized it was actually a milestone. For our group, absolutely, but for each one of us in the group.

You can ask any one of the 7 of us, and we can all tell you the first time music moved us in our cores.

We remember the first song that made each of us want to sing (Pam Tillis, Shake the Sugar Trees … my parents had a country phase). We remember what it first felt like to hear a choir of voices sustain a beautiful chord, or to be part of a production that told a story from the stage.

Our parents call tell you the first time we put on a show for them, wearing blankets for capes or using hairbrushes as microphones. Our siblings can tell you the number of times they yelled at us to stop singing in the shower, or the number of times they imitated a cat screeching whenever we practiced.

We remember the first time we each held a microphone, those times we were each so nervous to take the stage we thought the words would stick in our throats, the auditions that made our hearts race, and the thrill of trying our strength and realizing we were capable at this passion.

Music, art, performance – quite simply, they did something to each of us, and we all responded in turn. I can think most people can agree, music can provide just about anything to you. Inspiration, a safe haven, reflection, awe, emotional breakthroughs, those and so much more to even the most casual listener up to the most avid enthusiast.

And for me personally, it made me want to do something real and tangible, something that I could really do something with, something I could pursue practically.

And now, here we are. Who woulda thunkit. But this time, things are different. Each of us have had opportunities to for individual pursuits as adults, whether that’s singing vocationally, teaching the next generation, leading rock bands, producing community theater, participating in college a cappella, contributing to worship bands, you name it … but again, this time things are different.

This time, this opportunity is something forged from scratch by the 7 of us, and it’s incredibly personal.

As I reflect back on the year (and then some) we have spent together as a group, so much of this feature will reflect who we are as a group. Our friendships, our senses of humor, our quality as musicians, our collective growth over time, our chemistry as a blend of 7 parts, among many other things.

I think it’s easy to feel equal parts vulnerable, sentimental, excited, nervous, and proud. This event in many regards is a sum-total of 7 lifetimes spent pursuing art, and it’s not lost on us the incredible privilege to have this opportunity as well as it is to share it with those we love.

I mean, wow.

And maybe my favorite part is that now I can very honestly take what was once just a dream for me, a thought, a hope, a “Some day” … and now label it “right now”.

Actually happening.  

Real life.

And we can’t wait to show you. (At our Sip n Sing event this Friday, October 13)



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